Introducing AJ Wylie Construction

Introducing AJ Wylie Construction

Welcome to the website of Wellington's A J Wylie Construction Ltd.

We are a complete building and construction company, based in Whitby, Wellington, but working right across the greater Wellington region. The company team focus on delivering superior customer service, and quality workmanship, with real attention to detail, and innovation and flair in problem solving.

At A J Wyle, you are always talking to the boss. Andrew Wylie has more than 30 years experience in building and construction, and everey day he is on the job, ensuring that the job is done right first time, and that it continues to move forward on an efficient timetable.

Andrew has a comprehensive team of contractors and subcontractors who also pride themselves on their quality and workmanship, and this is reflected in his "best practice" approach to each and every job.

To learn more about A J Wylie Construction, please click to the other pages. Andrew Wylie has a great story to tell.

Or contact us an we will get back to you.

One of our homes in Trend Ideas

"Inspiring design is not dependent on dollars spent. Sometimes the reverse is true the architectural innovation is inversely proportional to the cost of the project..."

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